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We offer a Free  Initial Divorce Consultation In Appleton. Perhaps you want to get an understanding of what divorce costs and attorney retainer fees in Appleton will be. If you are looking for divorce lawyers with payment plans that is very possible. Most attorneys are willing to work with you and your particular situation.  Find an attorney that you would like to work with and bring your questions so you know what to expect moving forward.

 If you live in Appleton or nearby we can help. We are experienced Family Law Attorneys.  Think of a list of questions to ask and we can give you a checklist of items to prepare. We can discuss any divorce issues, child custody and placements,  and Child Support.


If you are considering a Free Divorce Consultation Your Divorce Attorney In Appleton should be a Divorce Expert who practices mainly in the area of divorce and Family Law and provides excellent divorce services.  Often people will seek the services of a legal professional who methods mainly in some other area, thinking that any lawyer will do. However, divorce law is a very specific area that requires particular skills and experience. Since divorce is a sensitive issue and if you are looking for a divorce, then you should hire an expert. Ethics, honesty and knowledge of laws are the main qualities that a good attorney should always possess. The right divorce lawyer shall be someone who can be trusted and you feel comfortable sharing intimate facts about your life.

A free initial  Appleton divorce consultation with an attorney will be very helpful, provided you know how to prepare. In your meeting, the attorney will let you know your legal rights and options particular to your case. It's a good idea to take notes. You will likely cover a lot of ground. Make sure you write down important information.

First prepare emotionally. Surely, this isn't the type of conversation that you have on a daily basis. You will likely cover some areas that are especially personal and private. This will probably be some new territory. It's perfectly OK to express your emotions. If you can get a handle on how your feeling before you meet with your potential divorce attorney will help.

Second, take some time to review what assets you and your spouse have. These could homes,bank accounts, businesses, investments,and also retirement accounts. Debts should be considered as well home loans, home equity loans, other bank loans, and yes even credit card obligations. Having a broad view of assets and liabilities will allow your attorney to get an accurate assessment of your situation.

Third, be prepared to have details of each parties income.This will be important for determining how much child support and spousal maintenance( if any ). It can also impact a parties ability to pursue legal actions.

Finally, have an idea of what your best outcome would be. The more forthright you are with your attorney from the start the better job your attorney will be able to do for you. Honestly ask how will child custody align with your work requirements. What are your goals regarding the residence for example. Identify areas where you are willing to compromise. Think things out, and have a good grasp on what is most important to you going forward.

Copies of any relevant legal documents will be extremely helpful as well. Some examples would be a pre or post nuptial agreements, divorce summons, or orders of protection if there are any. 

Be sure to bring with you copies of any legal documents that you already have, such as a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement, divorce summons, an order of protection or domestic incident report. Come prepared to discuss what has occurred in your case so far, and bring with you copies of court orders and agreements include those. Don't hold back even if you are not sure something is important. Your Free Initial  Divorce Consultation is confidential so putting everything on the table from the start will help your counsel understand exactly how to help you and give you the most effective representation.

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The information on this website is not, nor intended to be, legal advice. You should  always consult with an attorney in regards to legal advice for your  own individual situation.


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