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When looking for Divorce Attorneys Appleton, the Best Appleton Divorce Attorney is a  someone highly experienced in Divorce and Family Law. You want someone that you can hire who will guide you through all the complex issues in a divorce such as Child Custody and Placement, Child Support, Dividing of assets, Investments and Retirement Accounts. They will guide you to the best resolution as quickly as possible.  Of course, you will probably have many Divorce Questions.  Your Divorce Attorney should provide answers to  all your relevant questions. You should feel that they understand your situation,  can explain how the Divorce Process works, have a plan for the success of your case,  and will be able to communicate effectively with you.   Additionally, you will want to understand the Divorce Attorneys Fees and Costs and be provided some affordable payment options.

If a marriage is over, the idea of accepting divorce can at times bring feelings of despair and uncertainty? More than the end of a romantic relationship; ending a marriage is also the end of a financial partnership. Those going through a divorce need to keep their financial future in mind and take the time to make sure that their divorce settlement properly reflects their needs. While divorce can be difficult there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are some divorce preparation tips: Maintain your financial footing by being aware of all finances, keep accurate financial records, educate yourself on the process, and keep the future in mind. Don't try to avoid conflict and agree to a divorce settlement without carefully reviewing it. Mistakes could lead to disastrous consequences in the future.

 It doesn’t matter whether you’re the petitioner (the person filing the case) or the respondent (the person being served with the divorce papers) having knowledge about the legal steps can be of great help going forward.

Wisconsin is a no-fault state. It is not necessary to prove fault for a divorce in Wisconsin.  The only legal basis for divorce in this state is that the marriage is "irretrievably broken."   This means the husband and wife can find no way to work out their differences. The court will usually will find a marriage irretrievably broken - even if only one spouse wants a divorce. The parties do not need to agree for the court to find that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

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                                                             Thinking About A Divorce? Looking For Divorce Attorneys Appleton?

 The Types of Divorce In Wisconsin That Experienced Divorce Attorneys In Appleton Can Help With.


The kind of divorce that is normally filed depends on whether or not the spouses agree on all matters. There are 2 types of divorce in Wisconsin courts. The Best Appleton Divorce Attorneys can advise you on ALL of them.

The Contested Petition- this is where only one of the spouses wants the divorce, or where both parties could not agree on many of the issues. The contested petition is the one that will be filed in the court.

The Un-Contested divorce and Joint petition-here, both the respondent and the petitioner agree on all issues related to the marriage. How to share property, alimony, and custody arrangements, among other things. A final marriage settlement agreement will also need to be filed with the court before the divorce is finalized.

                                                                                                          The Divorce Process

In the case that one party does not want the divorce and doesn’t show any interest in participating in the legal process, then a default proceeding may be initiated. In case of a default divorce, then the filing complainant will be awarded all the terms which were initially requested during the filing of the petition.

After the petition has been filed, the process starts and requires 120 days from the time the person is served the divorce papers. Many times a divorce case can be settled in 6 months to 1 year. Factors that contribute to the length of time a divorce may take include any contested issues, discovery that may have to be made, and the schedule or calendar of the court.

 At least one person filing the divorce must be have been a resident of the state for 6 months prior and have been living in the respective county in which the divorce is filed for at least 30 days.

                                                                 Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer If I Have An Un-Contested Divorce?

It is still a very good idea, here's why. Your divorce agreement must still be finalized in court in order for the divorce to be legal. The dissolution of marriage must be legally recognized by court and there is a specific process. Your lawyer can draft or review any agreement that you will need. They can review it for any missing items, and ensure the entire process goes smoothly. Your Attorney will be able to verify that you are not missing any important issues or provisions or creating potential problems which could result in you having to return to court in the future.


                                                                   A Lawyer Can Help You Work Through Property And Financial Issues

Reaching agreement on, and the actual dividing of assets, investments, and retirement accounts can be quite complicated. The division of a retirement account is especially problematic, often requiring a special order called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order or known as a " QDRO" This is a complicated process and it is unlikely that you can successfully complete it without the assistance of an attorney or other qualified professional. In addition, there are often tax consequences to dividing your assets. If you are not careful you may run into problems if ALL financial and tax considerations are not addressed. A skilled family law attorney will be able to guide you through all these issues and potential pitfalls.

The Best Appleton Divorce Attorneys will listen, guide you through the entire divorce process in a timely manner, resolve issues regarding  finances, Child Support and Maintenance, Child Custody and Placement, and all other matters that will concern your case.

If you have children then Child Custody and Placement will likely be a major issue as well Child Support. You will definitely want to speak to a qualified family law advisor during  this process. They will direct you to the best possible outcome. For a free initial consultation give us a call.

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 Divorce- Divorce ends a marriage.
 The court rules on such issues as the division of property, maintenance (spousal support), and if necessary, arrangements for child support, legal custody,and physical placement. Once the divorce is granted,the parties cannot remarry anywhere in the world for at least six months. 
Legal Separation- Legal  separation does not end a marriage.The court rules on the same issues as for divorce.The forms,instructions, procedural information, and waiting period (120  days)for obtaining a legal separation are also the same as those for divorce. Spouses are free to reconcile at any time.Spouses cannot marry another person while they are legally separated.If the spouses agree,they may convert the legal separation to a divorce at any time. If they do not agree, either spouse may convert the legal separation into a divorce by filing a motion to do so after one year from the date the legal separation was granted.The parties may not remarry anywhere in the world for at least six months from the day the legal separation is converted to a divorce. Spouses do have to give a reason why they are requesting a legal separation and not a divorce. Both of the spouses will have to give testimony under oath that the marital relationship is broken.
Annulment-An Annulment is a court procedure that declares that a marriage never existed. However, a court may annul a marriage only under limited circumstances. A short term marriage IS NOT a legal reason for annulment. See Wisconsin Statute 767.313 for the acceptable reasons to request an annulment. The forms, instructions, and procedural information provided by the Wisconsin Court System  are not designed to be used to request an annulment. You should seek legal assistance if you feel you qualify and would like to file an annulment. 

Property Division
Wisconsin  presumes that all property, other than property that a party receives as a gift or through inheritance, will be divided equally (after considering all debts). To achieve an equal division of property, the judge may award property to one party and a cash payment to the other party. The judge may divide property unequally after considering the factors described in WI Statute 767.255, which is available online at the following website :  If the spouses agree on how to divide all their property, they must provide a description of which spouse will receive which property. This also applies to the property that may have already been divided.If the spouses have already divided the property,or it is only in one spouse's name,they must still tell the court which spouse will get what property and the value of that property.
Debts And Obligations
The spouses must disclose all debts, regardless of who they believe will be responsible for them.The judge will determine which spouse is responsible to pay the debts and other obligations after considering any agreements between the  parties. Even if the judge orders one spouse to pay certain debts after divorce/legal separation, creditors are not  bound by the court order established in Family Court and may seek payment from the other party if the party ordered to make the payments doesn't pay or files for bankruptcy.If this occurs, the party may request relief from the Family Court, but only if a specific order was established for payment of the debt or obligation.
Maintenance (Spousal Support)
A spouse seeking support from the other spouse may request maintenance in the divorce or legal separation. The court may order maintenance for a limited or indefinite length of time. When considering whether to award maintenance, the court will look at all of the circumstances of the parties, including but not limited to, the factors listed in WI Statute 767.26. This statute is available at the following website:
Child Support
The court shall order either or both parents to pay child support for a child who is:Under the age of 18, or Age 18,but less than 19 and pursuing an accredited course of instruction leading to a high school diploma or its equivalent.Payments for child support are generally intended to include basic support costs including food, shelter, clothing,transportation, personal care,and incidental recreational costs. Under a shared placement circumstance, parents may also be required to pay variable costs (reasonable expenses above basic support costs) in addition to child support, including child care, tuition, a child's special needs, or other activities that involve substantial cost. To Learn More Visit Our Page On Child Support

Legal Custody / Placement
Legal custody refers to the major decision-making authority for a minor child,including but not limited to decisions regarding consent to marry, enter military service, obtain a driver's license, authorization for non-emergency healthcare and choice of school and religion. Wisconsin law presumes that it is in the best interest of the minor child that the parents be granted joint legal custody. Joint legal custody means that neither parent's legal custody rights are superior, except as ordered by the court or agreed to by the parents. A court may find that awarding joint legal custody would be harmful to the minor child and order sole legal custody to one parent. For More Information Visit Our Child Custody Page.


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